hello cuties

hi guys, my name is Melodie and I'm here if you need somebody to listen or help you. Don't be afraid, I wont judge !

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little things that help ease symptoms of depression:

  • turn the lights on and open a window
  • eat something healthy and drink ice cold water
  • find a comforting album to listen to whenever things get bad
  • take a long, relaxing bath
  • do yourself up in full make up and hair
  • be around people, even if you don’t think it will help
  • watch something funny on netflix
  • wear your favorite/most comfortable outfit
  • immerse yourself in a hobby like drawing
  • lose yourself in a really good book or movie


angelina jolie is so important like she teaches her adopted kids about where they were born and takes them back there and doesn’t let that culture slip away or try to assimilate them and she lets shiloh dress and present the way they want to like did you see how cute shiloh’s suit was omg and she does some amazing charity work and she’s just a great activist all around i love her

Anonymous: (2) how much i comfort them, i have college and the work keeps piling up and every thing just seems to be getting too much, i don't know what to do i'd appreciate your advice very much<3 please answer asap xxx

Just take one thing at a time sweety. The animals that keep crying for your mum is normal, my animals do the same but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like you comforting them! It’s like if you’re sad because you miss your mom and your sister for example comforts you you’re like hmm it’s still not my mom but then again you do appreciate the hugs and love you receive right? So don’t worry about that :) about your grandma well just do what you can do! I mean she will probably really appreciate everything you do but understands that you have to do your homework as well right? Just sit near to her and sort out what you have to do so you will get organized a bit, make to do lists things like that! You are doing the best you can okay? Xxxx


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That time we (illegally) slept on the beach &amp; woke up to this.
Pentax K1000
Anonymous: i have to do this speaking thing in ict like record a podcast and im scared for my teacher or anyone to listen back to it as he will have to mark it.. im so quiet and i cant bring myself to do

Focus yourself on why you have to do it. It’s for school and it’s annoying we all would think that, but it’s good to set your mind to it so you will pass. Just think of the fact that you will and can get a good grade! That gives a lovely feeling and then you’ll forget about how nervous you were! Xxx

Anonymous: Hello :) I am dating one of my best friend's brothers and I love him very much. Because I'm so close with both siblings, I know a lot about them. Well, their mom basically emotionally, mentally, and verbally abuses them. I don't know what to do or if there's anything I can do. I care about them both and hearing about their abuse kills me.

Hi hun! Depends on what you want to do do or what you can do. Like do you talk to them about it? Because if they want to go to the police or go to idk what’s that called in English but you know what I mean to help the situation you can. Like they are probably scared to do something about it but this isn’t okay abuse is never okay in any way so if you can please do something. Talk to your parents about it maybe to see if they can help. Xxx