hello cuties

hi guys, my name is Melodie and I'm here if you need somebody to listen or help you. Don't be afraid, I wont judge !

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Anonymous: Hey Mel. I've never had sex before and sometimes my boyfriend and I grind on each other while he's hard and it hurts me. Do you know why?

That’s possible babe! For some girls it just hurts, try if it hurts more if youre on top or he is so you can switch it up. Maybe you just need to get used to it or don’t wear something that’s tight ( if you do it with clothes) xxxx

Anonymous: I have to go swimming for PE, it's four weeks, so id be on my period. I'm honestly petrified because I refuse to use a tampon, but I don't want people to know that I'm on my period and not go swimming... Any advice? Thanks.

First off all, tampons seem scary but it’s really okay! it just seems not comfy etc and like it wont fit, but you have to try it out first.. because its way more relaxed than pads etc but if you dont like it then yeah the only thing you can do is lie and say you have something else.. like your foot hurts or idk a reason you cant swim! but dont be embarressed about being on your period.. it’s a girl thing and not weird. xxxx

Anonymous: Ignore my message, about the start of this year one with 3 dots at the end

okay everything fine then?xxx

Anonymous: Hey so my boyfriend hasnt kissed anyone before and i kissed him first and i want him to kiss me, i dont want to be the first one all the time, dont know if thats weird but i just want him to be comfortable and to want to kiss me xx

talk to him about it, let him know that youi want him to kiss you too, he might think that you want to make the move all the time or something like that! communcation is key xxxxx

Anonymous: So, I've been hanging out with this guy and stuff and I found out he is like my 3rd cousin, not in blood, but yeah... I don't know how to act anymore. It just seems awkward.

i would just stop things before it gets too serious.. if it feels awkward then its no good. xxx

Anonymous: so me and my bestfriend ( we are both girls ) got drunk and cuddled alot and stuff, i think i like her but she isn't bi.

aw thats really difficult, maybe talk to her about it to see how she feels? I mean if she says she hasnt got the same feelings and all you can try and move on from it. xxxx

Anonymous: I'm such a sensitive and an emotional person! I hate it! I cry over everything. I don't know how to describe it but I just read a sentence that imply's something bad has happened and it doesn't even have anything to do with me but I still end up crying over it!! I'm literally always crying and I really don't want to:(

Aw that sounds so sweet tho… Don’t think of it as something negative think of it as that you are a lovely person with a warm heart and you just care a lot. It’s okay to cry, it really is. Just try to talk to people if you feel down it helps!

Anonymous: hey tash hope your days been good. well, how do you know when you've fallen? I've never had an actual crush for a boy; i mean. i dont like texting people but thisboy i talk just makes me want to wait for his texts even if im up all night (he is a slow texter, sadly). I dont know i just feel different with him like i actually like him im really confused with what im feeling. i feel like ive always had a thing with him but i also wanna know how i can figure out if he feels the same way discreetly

If you have to think about it like this, you probably feel a lot for him xxxx

I am at greeeeece yaaaaah